Katana Combat
Katana Combat is freestyle sword fighting!!! It is not a "style," it is artistic expression through combat with the katana (katana sparring sword).The emphasis is on the craft, the science, and the art of the sword in combat. Targets are any and every target of opportunity. The sparring is at varying speeds with an emphasis on realistic and effective techniques. During full speed and full contact sparring, protective gear is worn. Katana Combat is a unique method of practicing sword combat, but is not a new system. The style/system one uses is solely up to the individual and/or school/organization training in it. Anyone can train in Katana Combat.
Our Only Competition ................................................................... Is Ourselves!
Katana Combat Training
Sword Fight Katana Combat training programs utilize universal concepts of motion, balance, and effective use of sword techniques as they apply to the shape and design of the katana. There is no formal or traditional style or system studied. It is simply Sword Fighting. Katana Combat training consists of no strict guidelines, no ranking system, and no uniforms. The training environment is very casual and easy going. Drills and exercises are combat oriented and contain elements of freedom for creativity and experimentation. The philosophy is very similar to that of Jeet Kune Do. With the recognition that all styles and systems have benefits, we don't limit ourselves to one technique or "style" of techniques; so one can adapt to any set of combative circumstances or techniques he or she faces. Since the focus is more on effective technique and artistic expression, the more diverse and vast the arsenal of techniques, the more freely one can create when expressing themselves during combat. However, some individuals will master a few techniques and creatively express themselves by effectively executing those in any given situation. The key is to do what works for you.

Due to Katana Combat being a combative sword art, sparring is implemented regularly in training. Footwork, distance, timing, sword techniques, tactics, the mind, etc. are all primarily trained through sparring drills and exercises. As many elements of realistic combat as possible are incorporated in training, so that the training more accurately reflects combat.

It is especially necessary to train out the common and natural focus of winning and/or hitting and not being hit in combat/sparring. Just as in other combat training, attaining a state of "no mind" and acceptance of the fact that you will get hit in some combat situations, assists in reducing self limited thinking. This will free the mind and allow the body to react spontaneously without much initial mental interpretation. Sparring matches are art, created by the exchange of effective techniques that are honest, spontaneous, and absent of thought. The techniques are then a true reflection of the person performing them; the technique and the person are one.
Sparring Sessions
If you are experienced in marital arts regardless of the system(s) you are
trained in, or if you are a complete beginner with no training whatsoever,
you are all welcome to participate. The sparring is supervised, safe, and
performed at a pace that is comfortable for the participants. Please send
us an email expressing your interest and we will reserve your place.
Participant numbers are limited. The Katana Sparring Sword will be the
primary weapon utilized during these sessions, however, occasionally
other weapons will be incorporated.

There are fight teams currently forming with distinct styles, appearances, and names. We welcome all teams, clubs, groups, organizations, etc. to participate and exhibit their styles. Friendly competition among martial arts groups can encourage everyone to get better and grow. This is a great opportunity for everyone to benefit from testing themselves opposite many different skill levels and sword art styles. Contact us for more information.
Adding a Katana Combat program to your school's current training programs will not take away from your school's identity or traditions. The sword program can be based in a system of sword techniques of your expertise, or the concepts and fundamentals of Sword Fight Katana Combat training can be learned and taught at your school. There is no cost to add a sword combat program to your school. It is absolutely FREE! The katana sparring swords used for the classes can be purchased at a discount. The school can purchase them, and sell them to the students, or the students can purchase them directly. If you decide to incorporate full-speed, full-contact sparring, the protective gear can be purchased easily and inexpensively. All schools with sword combat programs will be listed on the Sword Fight website and be eligible to participate in Sword Fight Competitions. In addition, all participants of sword combat programs will receive a discount to all Sword Fight seminars, workshops, and events.

We would like as much diversity in techniques and training as possible. We encourage schools and individuals to be unique. There will be gatherings regularly for free sparring between program participants of various schools, organizations, skill levels, styles, etc.

A new Katana Combat training program can prove to be a very good addition to your school. With the recent growth and popularity of realistic and contact martial arts, as well as sword fighting, such a program has the potential to be very successful in almost any location. For more information about starting a Katana Combat training program please contact us.
Health Clubs/Fitness Centers
Fitness Katana Combat is a unique full body workout utilizing the bokken (wooden sword). This program combines fast pace aerobic like exercises and drills, and technical movements emphasizing precision and detail regarding sword strikes and footwork. It is a great cardiovascular and strength building workout. Along with burning calories, participants will learn combative sword techniques. Each workout Is approximately an hour long. All that is required is a bokken (wooden sword) and a lot of energy.
Fitness Katana Combat is something you must experience, contact me to schedule a meeting in which I can demonstrate some of the exercises and give you and/or members of your staff a chance to try them out.
Sword Fight (Katana Combat)
3010 Johnson Ferry Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
Mon. & Wed. (7pm to 8:30pm)
Cost: $65 monthly for YMCA member and $75 monthly for non-member (plus a one time $25 fee to the YMCA)

Swordplay Alliance (Katana & Rapier Dueling)
4329 Bells Ferry Rd NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Sundays (3pm to 4pm)
Cost: $65 monthly (one form) $85 monthly (both forms)

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